Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Spring Resolutions

I'm not great at New Year's Resolutions. I think I've written about that before on other blogs, and in other places like newsletters. I know I've mentioned it in numerous talks to my MOPS group over the years. I've developed a habit of having a word for the year.
It's a thing, it's pretty popular in the "too cool for resolutions" groups I follow in Blogland and on Instagram. But a word, a word can give me guidance without too many restraints. With only a word I can twist meaning or application so many ways. A word can be a guidepost, an inspiration, made into a cute bracelet, a word is good.
But the truth is, I'm a list lover. I make resolutions all the time in the lists I make, daily, weekly, monthly. I make resolutions. I just don't like to share them. Because most the time I fail at them. They are lofty goals, without subpoints, steps to get me from A to B. Mostly they fail.
The other day, I made a list of lists. This sounds crazy, but bear with me. I made a list of all the lists I have floating around in my brain. The list of nonfiction books I want to read, list of events to write down in my calendar, list of things to talk to my husband about, the list of things we were out of that we need at the grocery, the list of prayers that are heavy on my soul.
Once I wrote these down, I realized I had my Spring Resolutions before me. I'm concentrating on the lists. I will add in those subpoints to make things achievable.
1.Read one Nonfiction Book a Month
2.Keep to the calendar. The calendar is your friend.
3.Bring back No TV Thursdays in order to maintain open communication with Hubby.
4.Continue to spend concentrated prayer time, reading time, rest time with God.

There you have it folks. Without subpoints. Spring Resolutions.
PS. One of my already failed New Year's Resolutions was to make out a blogging schedule. Whomp Whomp.

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