Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring Pruning

Most mornings I sit with my calendar in my lap while I drink a little coffee on the couch. Cuddled next to me is a rapidly growing little girl. She grows so fast sometimes I think I can hear it happening as we are watching Peg+Cat on PBS. 
My calendar as my constant companion reminds me of things (hopefully) before I forget them. It contains my ever growing and changing To Do List. Sometimes I can hear it growing as I sit here as well. 
This morning sitting here on my phone, calendar in lap, after rushing through the bus stop routine of packing a lunch, sending hubby to an early meeting, the big kid off to school, I found myself day dreaming of the approaching summer. Of lazy mornings with little obligations except soaking in water and sun at the local pool. I'm dreaming away the next few weeks that run at a fever pitch of end of year recitals and picnics. 
It makes me begin to think about this past year and evaluate the work we've been involved in, by choice or obligation. By nature of full time ministry or by choices we've made as a family. I've felt over extended this year, stressed in ways that can just as easily bring growth as much as exhaustion and anxiety. But as any good runner knows, after an extended time of pushing limits, you need to rest to become stronger, to recover. 
I'm yearning for a rest. For a quietness. For pruning a few things out of my life to allow what I love to become brighter and stronger. 

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