Monday, April 28, 2014

tornado cry

I'm supposed to be meal planning, but I've been sitting here for an hour. Just praying. Devastated for those who lost their homes, and even lives, yesterday in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Kansas. 
Tornados rip your heart out. There's nothing like a tornado. There's no way to describe it. 
Today I had a "tornado cry". My local friends will understand the term. They'll even chuckle a tiny bit in reverence and nod their heads. They'll have "that" look on their face and their hearts will say a prayer for those hurting today. Scenes will run through their heads, as they are mine, knowing the pictures on the news we will all be glued to today do absolutely nothing to show the depth and scope of hurt and destruction. 
I let the littlest one watch a news blurb on my phone. She asked if that was our town. I said no. She knows the sight. It's ingrained in her too. The oldest was the one who told me this morning of the tornados. He heard it on his radio. He knows of the mess, the importance of life and safety, the look of our currently warm, but severe, weather. He looked a little worried but had no words to express it. 
But they also know the Hope. They know Who watches over them. They know that while there is sin in our earth that bad things will happen, even to good people. Even to people who love The Lord. But they know that no matter the circumstances, they are loved. That The Lord will take care of them. They know their Hope is not in this world. 
I'm giving up on the meal plan. We're going to drive through the rebuilding and watch a friends foundation be pulled out so that a new, stronger one can be poured. We will pray. The earnest connected prayers of ones who have seen the total destruction but have come through the valley and are being constantly redeemed and showered with grace. 

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